“You can be an expert, but if you are not compassionate people will not keep coming back.”
Mary, Infusion
Practice History

Howard M. Kenney, M.D.

Jon T. Stevenson, M.D.

Arthritis Northwest was founded on the idea that the best treatment is a comprehensive partnership between patients, their physicians and clinical teams. The Arthritis Northwest team shares the philosophy that exciting advancements in arthritis diagnosis and treatment offer patients new hope.

Strong relationships are a vital part of any patient’s treatment plan. Arthritis Northwest’s skilled physicians listen closely to patient concerns, share detailed care options and make use of state-of-the-art technology.

Dr. Kenney and Dr. Stevenson founded Arthritis Northwest in 1991 with the vision of creating a practice that combined state-of-the-art technology with skilled, compassionate care. Over the past decades, that dream has come to fruition with the continued growth of the practice by the addition of Drs. Butler, Craig, LaSalle and Mueller. And, although Dr. Stevenson has since retired, the practice continues to look toward the future, always searching out new ways to provide quality care and innovative solutions for our patients.

As Arthritis Northwest has grown, so has its ability to consolidate lab and imaging technology under one roof. Lab, x-ray, bone densitometry and extremity MRI scanning is all done in our office with results frequently available the same day to review with the patient.