“Medicine and treatment have progressed to the point that patients
no longer have to be victims of arthritis. Healthy, active lifestyles
are an attainable reality.”
Dr. Howard M. Kenney

Patients and patient care come first at Arthritis Northwest. Our highly skilled practitioners improve patient access by handling routine follow-up and daily drop-in appointments.

Arthritis Northwest doctor’s schedules are booked weeks in advance. Practitioners give patients the flexibility to see an Arthritis Northwest healthcare provider with limited notice.

Arthritis Northwest physicians are available to consult with practitioners as necessary. Your physician will review chart notes summarizing the visit to remain current about your health and treatment.

Erin Saunders, PA-C

Erin Saunders is a certified physician assistant. Saunders has been with Arthritis Northwest since 2006, and holds a bachelor's degree in nursing from Whitworth College and the Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education and a physician assistant degree from the University of Washington. She has worked as an R.N. in a variety of settings, including public health, family medicine, pediatrics and OB/GYN.

Diana Webster, ARNP

Diana Scherer is an advanced registered nurse practitioner that joined Arthritis Northwest in 2007.  Scherer earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Carroll College. She has worked as a nurse in a variety of subspecialties including intensive care, emergency room, neurological/neurosurgical and pediatrics. Scherer received her master’s degree in nursing at Gonzaga University.

Dale Raschko, PA-C

Dale Raschko is a certified physician assistant. He has been with Arthritis Northwest since 2009, and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Clinical Health Services. His career in healthcare has afforded him the opportunity to work in occupational medicine and as an Army medic. Raschko also served as a combat medicine instructor for the Army. Following his service in the Army, Raschko graduated from the Physician Assistant program at the University of Washington.

Kari Holman, PA-C

Kari Holman is a Certified Physician Assistant who completed her training at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Before becoming a PA-C, Kari received her Bachelor's Degree in Medical Laboratory Science from the University of Washington and was in practice for a few years before joining Arthritis Northwest in 2013. Kari has healthcare experience in a variety of settings. She has worked as a Medical Technologist in research and clinical laboratories. She was part of the nursing team in the emergency room, bone marrow transplant unit, and in family medicine.